MONEJ - a crown of distinctiveness. It is a sign that we wear on the occasion of a wedding, when going to an important meeting, work, party. It's a piece of your style that you really like and that reflects you.

Hello! I am Vilma, MONEJ accessories creator, mother of two children. My first steps in creating accessories began in 2014 in the spring. At the time, I was raising a newborn son, and I started looking for ideas, experimenting and creating my first bow ties. My first customers were my son, my sister's husband, friends, and in the fall I participated in my first craft fair. Little by little, my collection of accessories grew, the range expanded and it grew from a hobby to a small business. Therefore, I am very grateful to everyone who supports in every way my creations!

I am a big nature lover! I like walks in the forest, observing and making photos. I love naturalness, simplicity and quality and I try to convey all this in my products. I use high-quality fabrics for bow ties, decorate with genuine leather, feathers, and dried plants. Therefore, each bow tie is unique, because you will not find identical natural feathers or dried plants anywhere.

I myself come from the Skuodas district of Samogitia (a region of Lithuania by the Baltic Sea), so I chose to name my products MONEJ. MONEJ means "TO ME" in samogitian. Under the word "TO ME" is hidden what is most precious to each of us, the uniqueness of each of us.

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