About Monej

MONEJ is a brand of accessories for modern men and women, which draws its ideas from nature. Each form, detail, and fabric is carefully selected and combined to create a unique accessory that radiates refined elegance and minimalism. The focus is put on high quality, uniqueness, and sustainable fashion, so our accessories are timeless in style, can be easily matched with clothing and worn on different occasions. The MONEJ name itself emphasises exclusivity and uniqueness. In the Samogitian language, MONEJ means “for me”. It is like a hidden message about each person’s uniqueness and desire to stand out and be themselves. MONEJ accessories are a crown of distinctiveness that we put on every day: when going to work or a romantic meeting, when preparing for a party or a solemn feast. Each accessory is carefully designed in the MONEJ workshop, produced by Lithuanian artists and delicately packed in environmentally friendly packaging.

Nature-inspired elegance. Lithuania can be proud of forested areas, winding rivers, natural meadows, hills, and unique climate. The subtle colours, shapes, and patterns taken from nature are reflected in the accessories created by MONEJ.

Slow fashion. Handmade leather details, hand-sewn seams and the time devoted by the craftsmen to the production of a MONEY accessory brings exceptional value, invites us to slow down and enjoy the love we are given. Each accessory is created with the idea in mind that it could be easily combined with clothes and would always stay in fashion.

100% handmade. Each accessory is carefully designed and made by hand, and raw materials are purchased from reputable manufacturers. This way we can control every production process to ensure the highest quality of each product.

100% made in Lithuania. Our choice to produce everything in Lithuania is based on social and environmental aspects. First, by choosing to carry out the production in Lithuania, we contribute to the preservation of skilled specialists in Lithuania. As a result, we reduce the emigration of artisans from Lithuania. Second, we contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution caused by long-distance transport importing products from faraway countries. (photo with seamstresses)

Individuality, uniqueness. Our accessories are produced in limited quantities, so you will not meet many people wearing identical accessories. Distinctive colour combinations and fabric patterns are very important to us because they help create an individual and unique accent of style.

We are eco-friendly. We believe that each of us has an impact on the environment and the people living there. Therefore, the packaging of MONEJ accessories is made from recycled paper, which can be recycled again and decomposes when composted, without polluting nature.

Nice to meet you. I am Vilma, the founder of MONEJ and creator of accessory collections. And what about you? :) I am so happy that you are interested in my creations. Everything we create around ourselves reflects our personality. What am I? Hmmm... So many thoughts and ideas. Sometimes thoughts come in the form of new accessories, sometimes they appear in creative texts, sometimes they are born as artistic photographs, short video reports, paintings or dance moves. Each day is filled with different joyful moments and challenges. Since I was little, I have always loved the arts and leisure in nature. I was born in Samogitia, Skuodas district, surrounded by Salantai Regional Park. There lies the meadows and forests where I walked, picked mushrooms and berries. Thus, I have chosen a Samogitian brand name for my accessories, having in mind that each of us has the things that we appreciate and cherish. MONEJ means FOR ME, which stands for personality and individuality.

The history of MONEJ began in 2014 when I started experimenting and creating my first bow-ties. At first, it was just another new hobby. I dressed up my son, relatives, and acquaintances and in the fall I took part in an autumn fair where I presented my first collection of bow-ties. Little by little, my hobby grew into a permanent activity. I opened an Etsy shop and started selling my products worldwide. I am currently collaborating with leather craftsmen and a local tailor shop, which employs meticulous connoisseurs of their craft.

I sincerely invite you to become part of the history of MONEJ: follow our news, read and share your experiences, stylish combinations that you have created and festive moments with us and with your friends. Because sharing is caring!

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